Furnishing in a Commercial Setting

There are many different options you can choose from to make sure that the interior and exterior of your building matches the type of business that you run, not only in terms of styling but also in terms of creating a great atmosphere to work in. With the right choice of office and interior building furniture, you can help create the right atmosphere to make your customers/clients and employees feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Simple furniture additions can do wonders as far as the mood of a room or outdoor area goes. 

The addition of something as simple as a stylish traditional office desk can have a great impact on the setting. Many modern work spaces employ a simple colour scheme and basic furnishings, but in certain areas - the hospitality industry, especially - it can pay to go all out when it comes to decorating.


Appearance and presentation have always been a big part of business, and most successful offices understand the importance of having attractive furniture to make clients and employees feel at ease. Being in an open, comfortable setting makes people much more receptive, and this can actually be a very important step of the sales process.

Creating the Right Atmosphere

Choosing appropriate furniture can add to the enhancement of a room by bringing about a certain feel and atmosphere. In the hospitality industry, you need to think about how you furnish your outdoor area too. In the case of a resort, this can be as simple as adding quality teak outdoor benches to a bare balcony, or spending a little more money and supplying your residents with an outdoor dining area.

For hotels and resorts, it is especially important to be able to give your rooms and relaxation areas a certain sophisticated look that allows people to feel comfortable. This is why many hotels and resort locations tend to stick to a certain theme. For instance, some resorts are stylised with the tropics in mind, whereas high rise city apartment hotels might go for sleeker, innovative furnishings.

The theme needs to be consistent in terms of decor, garden and furnishings.

So by updating a few items of furniture, both inside and outside, you can improve the experience that the guest, buyer or visitor has with your business. A room that is well decorated is always more comfortable, and the team at VC Living can help you furnish to ensure your business looks the part. We are one of the top aged care furniture suppliers in Australia. We stock an excellent range of commercial furniture pieces, including resin, antique reproduction and teak outdoor furniture, so contact us or pop in for a visit today!


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