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Three Important Furniture Styles In Use Today

It’s quite obvious that the furniture used in a house is very important, not only in helping the home feel comfortable but also creating the right atmosphere and mood. Furniture choices need to be made to fit the style of your home, the paint colours and other stylistic elements. There are a number of furniture styles to choose from, which can be used to convey different moods. This article will go through a few of the most widely used furniture styles and their defining characteristics.

Modern and Contemporary

Contemporary furniture refers to a rather broad style of furniture that became popular after the 1900‘s. Generally, it’s characterised by its combination of various materials, including leather, steel and vinyl, as well as chromatic and tubular metals. The overall appearance is sleek and smooth, often with sharp, fine edges. In fact, the style is quite simple compared to others.

There are countless examples of famous contemporary furniture. The Barcelona and Wassily chairs are historically important pieces dating back to the 1920’s.

Art Deco

Art Deco is a diverse visual style that emerged in the 30s and 40s. Rather than being strictly relevant when talking about furniture, there are traces of art deco design in a number of different mediums, from architecture and interior design to art itself. The Chrysler Building in New York is a prominent example of art deco furniture.

It is generally somewhat more ‘out-there’ in terms of its composition and stylistic elements, with a vintage feel, geometric shapes and full, often bright colours. In art deco furniture, you’ll often see materials such as chrome, mirrors and glass. The use of stylized images of people and objects is also quite popular.


Antique furniture is almost always timber based, with a formal, defined and polished look. Genuine antiques date back to the Victorian era and possibly even before this - rare, old pieces in good condition can be very valuable. For this reason, they are popular collection items and their history is often of great interest to their owners.

Antique furniture can help to create a cosy atmosphere and is well utilised in townhouses and cottages rather than modern sleek apartments. It looks terrific in offices; antique partner’s desks, for example, are highly sought after. Antique reproduction furniture is also quite popular and looks the part despite not having the same price tag.

There are many other furniture styles used, however those mentioned are arguably the most influential and widely used in Australian homes today. You can browse the huge range of modern and antique furniture options on VC Living – The Wholesale Furniture Suppliers website or contact us for more information.


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