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Simple Ideas To Decorate Your Outdoor Space

beautiful outdoor spaceJust like the indoor space of your house, outdoor spaces need to be decorated in a unique way that contains a statement of your originality. You may have a small backyard, or a pool or a garden space, any of these can be turned into an outdoor room that reflects your style. Before starting off with the decoration you need to settle down your mind about how you want to use you outdoor space. Will you be using the space for entertaining, relaxing or dining?

Take note of the weather changes and if the spot is sunny, shady, windy etc. Once you figure out the basics, you are ready to create your own outdoor space just the way you want.

Here are some quick tips to help you with:

Make An Outdoor Room

Outdoor rooms require structure just as an indoor room to help provide intimacy and comfort. This is the place where you can sit with your near one and enjoy the nature. Some money saving solution for adding walls into your outdoor room is planting some long plants, and hanging some colorful flower pots.

You can also attach some fabrics to give it some unique look. If can make a shade using some colorful cloths or just by adding a tent into your backyard.

Outdoor Furniture Option

The most important part of decorating your outdoor area is choosing the right furniture. Outdoor Teak furniture are widely used in all over the world to decorate the outer space of your home. If you want your backyard to be a social gathering space, place a beautiful picnic table and a bench. If you have a pool then create your own sun deck simply by placing a couple of loungers.

Or you can have a sitting arrangement for two that can be transformed over the time, for example, in the morning you can use this to have a nice breakfast with your partner and simply by putting some candles can make the very space into a romantic one.

Light It Up

Often outdoor spaces are used during the evening, so it is really important that you provide some proper lighting. No need to spend too much money buying expensive yard lighting system. Reuse Christmas lights to add interesting, subtle lighting to an outdoor room. You can also place some candles or torch lamps to light up the area. Some DIY lamps hanging from the tree branches or fences can also add effect to the space.

Add Fun Items

It is really important that you place some recreational things to the place, so that you can have fun spending time there. Place a fire pit or barbe cue machine so that you can arrange some bon fire and picnic. You can also make your own chess table by going through some DIY ideas. Decorate a small corner for the children where they can sit and play on their own. There are thousands of activities you can consider adding to your space, this solely depend on what you like and what kind of crowd you are having in your small space.

Finish Up With Accessories

Accessories are like jewelery to any place, indoor or outdoor. Being creative can cost low, while allowing you to place a personal stamp on your outdoor area. Use color, paint, flowers and fabrics to bring life to your outdoor space. Flower pots, bowls, garden ornaments, baskets and lanterns can be the best choices to decorate in a low budget. If you don’t want to purchase an outdoor rug, paint a faux rug on a patio floor using stencils and ordinary house paint. You can always come up with new ideas and reuse the old furniture and inexpensive items to use in your outdoor space.

Hope the above ideas will help you decorate your backyard or pool side. Feel free to drop by any suggestion or thoughts in the comment box.


  1. Eye catching outdoor decoration ideas. Liked all of these. Thanks a lot for these photos. I will be hosting a grand party at local party venues and would like to use these DIY decoration ideas. Keep sharing such posts!


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