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How to Value your Antique Table

If you have any antique table or furniture at your home for a while or you have recently purchased one, certain steps could help you determine its value and how old it is. Starting from figuring out the marks of modern manufacture to looking out for the significance of its structure that will lessen its value, there are evidential details that can express what your antique piece of furniture is worth.

Figuring out the signs of Modern Manufacturing

When analysing an antique piece of furniture, firstly you should look for the signs of modern manufacturing. Running your hands along the edge of the desk, you might feel sharper edges. These sharp edges reflect the features of modern manufacturing. On the contrary, those which are uneven or smooth define typical antique crafts. If feasible, look for the screws that were used to adjoin the furniture together. If you notice slight difference in width between the screw ridges, it may be an antique furniture. On the other hand, if the screws look alike and are fairly even, this is surely a sign of modern manufactured product. 

Finding out the age of your antique table

The structure of the legs of your table hugely helps to determine which period the antique piece of furniture is originated. For example, typical “Cabriole legs" have “snake feet” and indicates that your antique table was roughly produced in the mid-18th century. Tables that were produced between the mid-14th to the mid-16th century have legs that resemble an elephant trunk. The 19th century table legs are indicative of 19th century, whilst the uneven and chunky may originate from the medieval to the early-modern period.

The style of the top of the antique table could also depict the possible date of manufacture. Tables that comprise of thick, oak, and less polished that we may expect to come from modern manufacturers, may actually be coming from the early-modern period. While items that confer our modern exquisite taste may too be coming from the mid-19th century onwards. The fact behind this is, manufacturing became a much simpler process since the industrial revolution hit in the late 18th century. Thus, some pieces of furniture may look modern but are actually an antique piece that you might skipped to consider.  

Things that lessen the value of your Antique Table

If your antique table looks that it has been repaired over the years, then it’s expected to be not as valuable a piece compared to the one that comes in perfect condition. The repair signs include the short bits of wood that have been affixed to support the structure and also the additional screws and nails that have been used to keep the original pieces in place. It is always wise not to undergo repairing of any kind on your antique table, not unless you have consulted to a specialist who will be able to help you out if it’s advisable to repair or what form of repairment is perfect by keeping up the good value. Any form of rotting or wood worm will also lessen the value of your table. Before any sort of self-diagnosis, consulting with an expert is always advised. Nevertheless, it is also true that the antique furniture will eventually undergo some sort of repairs in their lifespan, but too much of them might result in rapid degradation of value. The slight scratch or fraying fabric may not that much of an effect but severe damage definitely will. 

However, taking proper care of your antique table will always keep you ahead of time and not only your antique’s value will be stored, it will also last longer. Besides, if you intend to buy an antique reproduction furniture or a partners desk to be specific, then you need to check the auspicious collection and the exclusive rate that VC Living offers.


  1. Thanks for sharing such great idea for determining the age of our furniture’s. It is really very good idea I will definitely try it whenever I will go for purchasing furniture for my home.


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