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Outdoor Furniture Maintenance - Keeping Your Furniture Healthy

Having a nice garden and a place to be outside is made a million times better when you have the right furniture. But buying furniture for the garden can be difficult, especially when you consider all of the available options. Antique furniture is a great choice for outdoor living areas as their timeless style and authentic solid wood finish will suit any garden area.
Traditional furniture has a look all of its own in terms of the finish, the grain that has been worn in and the overall designs and style. Traditional outdoor furniture will bring a classy look to any garden and allow you to take advantage of real solid wood, rather than flimsy metal framed garden centre furniture.
Check Weather Resistance for Outdoor Use
It is always important when buying outdoor furniture to know if what you are buying is authentic, and whether it will be resistant to weather of all conditions. Sometimes you may find the ideal piece of furniture to put in your garden, only to find out that the type of …

The Top 5 Inspirational Outdoor Benches To Liven Up Your Garden

It is often said that the garden is one of the most underused living spaces on a property, with many people using their garden to simply lay down some turf and use a BBQ when the weather calls for it. But why stop there? With some of the best furniture manufacturers creating inspirational pieces of art to enjoy, why not grab your teak outdoor bench and take a pleasurable amble as we take a look at the top 5 inspirational outdoor benches to start using the great outdoors.

01) The Classic 120 Bench This VC Living classic 120 bench is an ideal candidate for timeless outdoor teak bench of the century. With its classic lines, modest frame embellishes and strong construction, the classic 120 is a benchmark of a bench. The hard-wearing teak design would fit perfectly in just about any garden space and allows two persons to sit in comfort and relaxation. Featuring a slightly curved seating surface, the Classic 120 is designed to enjoy the outdoors and with a solid construction material such …

Choosing the Right Spot for Your Teak Outdoor Furniture

Teak outdoor furniture is a popular choice amongst those who like to enjoy a slice of outdoor living. With its unmistakable colour and grain finish, teak really sets the bar high when it comes to high class outdoor living spaces. Choosing the right type of teak furniture to place on your patio or pergola is up to you, but it’s also worth thinking about where you place your outdoor furniture and how it can affect the look and feel of your living space.
Teak has many great benefits as outdoor furniture, one being its great ability to be weather resistant if treated properly. Not only does the natural colour look fantastic in the sunshine, teak is hard wearing and will last a lifetime is treated properly.

Choose a Teak Bench for Romantic Lunches One of the great additions you can make to your outside living area is with a natural teak outdoor bench. Perfect for those summer days when all you want to do is go outside, enjoy the sun and read a book with a nice glass of wine. A bench is a gr…

Improve Your Concentration Levels with High Quality Furniture

How to Value your Antique Table