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The Five most Expensive Pieces of Furniture on Earth

No matter what your taste when it comes to choosing the right furniture that could really bring the room together, your budget often plays a major role in determining what compromise you end up with. With so many budget furniture shops on the high street offering you the latest in flat-packed household furnishings, there is another market entirely focused on opulence and luxury, making for some of the world’s most expensive furniture.

Many modern furniture design houses aim to give the latest looks in sophistication with sleek lines and luxury materials whilst incorporating new technologies and uses for the furniture. This is opposed to traditional styled furniture that offers all of the charm of the era, as well as showing off the art of the master craftsman. Whilst traditional antique furniture may have sometimes hundreds of years of value to pour into its rarity, modern furniture also has value in exclusivity, too.

5) The Harrington Commode, with all of its handcrafted lustre which is believed to be one of the earliest pieces hand made by world-renowned master craftsman Thomas Chippendale, raises the bar when it comes to opulent and historic pieces. This traditional chest of drawers which is dated as being hand crafted around 1770 is a prime example of neo-classical English design, and is in exquisite condition considering its age. It was sold at Sotheby’s auction house in 2010 for a staggering US$6.2m – over three times the estimate!

4) The Thomas Tuft Table. This delicate and unassuming wooden table is something of legend in the United States. Carved by hand and featuring beautifully cut fretwork fringes that hang around all sides, the table was hand crafted in the late 1700s and like many items on this list, is an exquisite example of furniture of that era. It stayed in the original owners’ family for many generations, but was recently sold at auction for the princely sum of US$6m.

3) The Baldacchino Supreme. Touted as the ‘world’s most exclusive bed’,  this most luxurious of four poster beds not only features a fully hand-crafted frame, bespoke lacquering, sponge-batted bed and canopy painting with exquisite decorative features throughout, it also features over 107Kg of solid 24-carat gold amongst its finishing. Additional bespoke customisation with diamond-studded buttons, Italian silk bedding customised to the bed and an exclusivity of just two units being produced means the price tag comes it at a cool US$6.5m!

2) The Dragon Chair. When a second hand chair demands a price tag of over US$6m you know that it must be kinda special. With previous owner Yves Saint Laurent being one of the final owners of this chair that was hand crafted by Irish designer Eileen Gray in 1919. In 2009, Christie’s auction house saw a shock final sale price over ten times the original asking fee, ending up at an astronomical figure of US$27m.

1) The Badminton Cabinet. This decadent and opulent chest which was commissioned by the 3rd Duke of Beaufort in 1786 has a striking air of luxury about it. Some may find it a little garish with its construction materials such as ivory, amethyst, quartz, lapis lazuli, gold marble and other precious stones and materials, and at over 12 feet tall, a little dominant. Built in Florence by over 30 skilled master craftsmen, the cabinet remained in Badminton for over 200 years before being auctioned at Christie’s in 2004 and reached the monumental price of US$36m, making the Badminton Cabinet the world’s most expensive piece of furniture.


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