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The Five most Expensive Pieces of Furniture on Earth

No matter what your taste when it comes to choosing the right furniture that could really bring the room together, your budget often plays a major role in determining what compromise you end up with. With so many budget furniture shops on the high street offering you the latest in flat-packed household furnishings, there is another market entirely focused on opulence and luxury, making for some of the world’s most expensive furniture.
Many modern furniture design houses aim to give the latest looks in sophistication with sleek lines and luxury materials whilst incorporating new technologies and uses for the furniture. This is opposed to traditional styled furniture that offers all of the charm of the era, as well as showing off the art of the master craftsman. Whilst traditional antique furniture may have sometimes hundreds of years of value to pour into its rarity, modern furniture also has value in exclusivity, too.

5) The Harrington Commode, with all of its handcrafted lustre whic…