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5 Bizarre Furniture Designs

At VC Living, we supply commercial furniture of various types to businesses in the hospitality, tourism and real estate industries – to name a few. A high proportion of our range is vintage or antique in terms of its aesthetic style though our contemporary pieces are also quite popular, depending of the kind of business we are supplying.

As furniture enthusiasts, we do enjoy innovative, cutting-edge design styles and we appreciate that crafting an attractive piece of furniture requires artistic vision. For this month’s blog, we thought we’d take a look at 5 pieces that really take things to the next level. Check out these abstract and ultimately bizarre designs and let us know your thoughts!
1 . Mark Stoddart’s Animal Tables We’re actually quite fond of some of these pieces, particularly this one of a hippopotamus seemingly emerging from underwater. Other designs of rhino, elephants, tigers and other animals are also available. Mark Stoddart, the Scottish furniture designer and sculptor …